About Marriage

The Word of God is clear in both Genesis 1:26-27 and Matthew 19:4-6 that marriage was established by God and is a covenant relationship between a man and a woman. Relying on these and other scriptures, we believe that the following is a practical working definition of marriage: “Marriage is the original and foundational institution of human society, established by God as a one-flesh, covenantal union between a man and a woman that is life-long (until separated by death), exclusive (monogamous and faithful), and generative in nature (designed for bearing and rearing children), and it is to reflect the relationship between Christ and the Church.”


Premarital Mentoring

Re|Think your expectations of marriage and prepare to merge your lives together as one…

Our Premarital Mentoring ministry equips engaged couples for marriage. Mentors help couples think biblically and intentionally about God’s purpose for marriage and the roles of husband and wife. We help them develop the essential skills for building a marriage upon the Word of God. Please allow for 6 months prior to your wedding date to complete the premarital mentoring process. Please review the wedding guidelines and contact marriageministry@grace360.org
with questions or for more information.

Pre-Marital Wedding Guidelines


Marriage Seminars

Re|New your mind in truth…

Our Marriage Seminars focus on providing topical bible studies and teachings on marriage. We provide help in all of the various elements within the context of married life. We offer seasonal and periodic seminars, classes and/or conferences. Please check back for upcoming seminars.


Marriage Discipleship

Re|Engage in your marriage…

Re|Engage is our Marriage Discipleship ministry that provides a hope-filled environment for couples to reignite, reconnect and even resurrect their marriages. Couples move towards oneness through stories of God’s grace, biblical teachings and small groups.

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