By Cash or Check

Cash or checks (made payable to Grace Covenant Church) may be placed in the offering plates on Sunday morning. If you are not currently receiving offering envelopes in the mail and would like them, please contact Cara Morris at the church office. If you are not using an offering envelope, indicate any of the approved designations on the memo line of your check (General Operating, Building Fund, Mercy, Global Outreach, or Disaster Relief). If there is no designation, your offering will be used for General Operations. In order to receive a contribution statement for tax purposes, please be sure your name and address are clearly written on any cash contribution. You may also place your offering in the boxes located on the wall on either side of the entrances to the Worship Center.
You may mail or deliver your contribution to Grace at the Grace360 building. The church office is open Monday – Thursday from 8:30am – 5pm and Friday from 8:30am – Noon.

Grace Covenant Church
9508 Jollyville Road, Suite 200
Austin, Texas 78759-6599

In order to qualify as a contribution for tax purposes in a given tax year, your gift must either be hand delivered to the church office prior to our closing on December 31 or postmarked no later than December 31 of that year. Please be aware of the last scheduled pick up time if you drop your contribution in a mailbox on the 31st. If your envelope is postmarked January 2 of the next year, that contribution will apply to the following tax year.

Online Giving

As a service to our congregation, we have made arrangements for online giving. Simply click the link below. You may give a one-time gift or recurring donations, and designate gifts to the fund of your choice. There is a registration process the first time you do this. Your personal information is processed on secure servers, which are PCI compliant. As an added benefit, once you register you will be able to view your contribution statement online. We currently accept contributions drafted from your checking or savings account. Debit and credit cards are not accepted.

Online Giving

Set up Grace Covenant Church as a vendor using your bank’s online bill payment program. Use the address above when entering the vendor information. The bank will generate a check and mail it to us on your behalf. Be sure to enter any fund designation in the memo line of the check. If there is no designation, your offering will be used for General Operations.

Other Options

Donating securities to a charitable organization may have significant tax advantages for you. Generally, stock should be publicly traded and held by you for longer than one year. Sometimes there is a tax benefit to you in donating securities that have depreciated in value. To determine the tax consequences of your donation, including whether it is best to donate stock shares directly to the church or sell the stock and then donate the cash proceeds, consult with your personal financial adviser. To initiate a stock donation, please call our office at 512-345-7840 ext. 468 or send an e-mail to Cara Morris. You will need to provide the following information:

  • Name of stock
  • Number of shares
  • Individual’s name listed on the stock
  • Designation of the gift (General Operating, Missions, Building, Mercy, Relief)

Once the stock transaction has been completed you will receive a letter confirming the donation for your records.

Grace Covenant Church can be named as a beneficiary on your life insurance policy. This process may be as simple as calling your insurance company and requesting a change of beneficiary form.

Some employers allow employees to make charitable contributions, including contributions to churches, automatically deducted from their paychecks.

Designated Giving

According to IRS regulations, in order to receive a tax deduction for donations to a non-profit organization, control of those funds must be given to the leadership of the non-profit. To facilitate your participation in giving, the Elder Board has set up specific funds to which you can direct your donations. The Board seeks to respect your designation and directly use those funds for expenses in that ministry area. However, the Elder Board reserves the right to redirect funds to wherever they are needed. We have five board-approved designated funds:

General Operating funds go toward the expenses related to personnel, facilities and ministry activities. Money not designated to any other fund is placed in the General Operating fund. If there are not sufficient funds in the Global Outreach or Mercy funds the General Operating fund acts as the safety net to cover those on-going expenses.
Funds designated to the Building Fund pay the principal and interest on the note for our new Worship Center, campus improvements, and plans for future campus development. Funds designated specifically to “The Next Step” will fund the construction of the new Live Oak Building.

Learn more about The Next Step

Grace supports over 55 missionaries and agencies worldwide. Funds are also used to educate our congregation on God’s work around the world and to train people interested in serving as missionaries. Our people are also given opportunities to participate in short-term mission trips in various countries.

People both within our congregation and in the community around us go through hard times financially and emotionally. The Mercy fund allows us to come alongside a hurting family in our church or the poor and needy of our community with short term aid to help with housing, utilities, medical or food needs. We also address counseling needs for emotional issues.

Whether it was for relief in New York City after 9/11, tsunamis and earthquakes in Asia, or hurricane relief in the US, the people of Grace have generously helped those in need with the love and compassion of Christ. In each of these past situations, God has given us a unique partnership with an effective ministry to get aid to those in true need.


Grace Covenant Church and its ministries are funded by the generosity of God’s people. The people of Grace give consistently and with special one-time gifts to fund God’s work in and through us. Thank you for demonstrating your love for God and His church by your generous gifts. If we can answer any further questions relating to making donations to Grace Covenant Church, please contact Cara at the church office at (512) 345-7840. In addition to financial gifts, you may give of your time and talents through many volunteer opportunities. Click here to let us know where you’re interested in serving at Grace.