9 Ways to WIN in the Spiritual Development of Your Kids

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We are right in the middle of football season, and if you’re a football fan like me, there’s nothing like the feeling of joy when your team picks up a WIN. There’s something awesome about that feeling built into us. Most will go to great lengths to get there. We put in extraordinary effort, practice with diligence and go above and beyond for that wonderful feeling.


Grace Kids partners with parents, and we want to help you win when it comes to the spiritual development of your children. When you participate in your children beginning and developing a relationship with Jesus, there’s no more amazing feeling of a WIN than that.
  1. Make consistent church attendance part of your family rhythm. It matters because rhythm silently and significantly communicates value to your children.
  2. Explain to your child one thing God is teaching you right now, and show him or her how you’ve tried to apply that this week.
  3. Pick a Bible verse, and memorize as a family. Post it all over the house, and then celebrate learning it together.
  4. Pick up a family activity resource from the Live Oak Building to complete together this month.
  5. Ask your child this week how you can pray for him or her, and then pray together.
  6. Get to know your child’s Grace Kids small group leader by inviting him or her to lunch after church.
  7. Serve together as a family! Pack an Operation Christmas Child box or attend their packing party on Saturday, November 19 at Grace, visit someone in the hospital who is sick or invite children from another family over for a playdate so their parents can have a date night.
  8. Share with your child (appropriately) about a mistake that you made, how you apologized and what you did to make it right. Then, ask your child to share about a mistake that he or she made. Talk about how everybody makes mistakes, how much God loves us and the grace we have because of Jesus.
  9. Love and follow Jesus yourself. You are the most influential person in your child’s life.