Matt Pennies

Matt Pennies

Position: Elder

Who is in your family?

Amy and I have been married for 18 years and, after my salvation, she is God’s greatest blessing to me.  We have 4 children:

  • Brooklyn (Junior)
  • Annabella (Sophomore)
  • Alyssa (6th grade)
  • Joe Joe (4th grade)


How long have you attended Grace? 

We began attending Grace Covenant in 2008.

How long have you been an elder? 

I’ve served as an elder for the past 3 years.  

What is your educational background and current job?

I have a BA in Political Science from Southwest Texas State and began my professional career teaching high school government and economics and coaching basketball at Prairie Lea High School.  I transitioned into corporate training and organizational development and eventually gravitated into sales.  I’ve led large sales teams for the last decade.

What is your vision and passion for Grace Covenant Church?

This bio won’t do justice to the many ways God has used Grace and the many ministries here to bless my family and I.  Early in 2010, I was working in Chicago four days a week and the women in MOPS loved and embraced Amy during a hectic season of travel.  Those relationships helped forge the Life Group that still meets every other Friday and has given us some of the best friendships of our lives.  The gifted teachers at Grace I get to serve alongside, and the Elders who have seen fit to pray for me and mentor me have been an incredible blessing.  It would be too easy to call Grace our “home” – but that’s what it is.  The Lord has seen fit to bless us with a church family that we get to live life with.   We have embraced the term Relational Discipleship at Grace – and we mean it.  I’ve experienced it and want others to as well.

What is your prayer for Grace Covenant Church?

I pray that in everything we do the Holy Spirit would empower and enable us to love people like Jesus does.  I pray that He would use us to this end, that He would bless the efforts of our bodies and minds.  I pray we would trust Him and honor Him with all we do and that, above all, the name of Jesus would be glorified.  

What ministries are you currently involved with at Grace and in what ways are you discipling and/or mentoring other individuals or small groups? 

Amy and I began serving Grace in the Children’s Ministry.  She has since begun to serve in Women’s Bible Study and I went on to help Grace develop our Life Group strategy. In addition to serving as an Elder, I’m currently part of the teaching team we call Central Teachings and I have the privilege of teaching in most of our Adult Communities as well as some of the larger group classes Grace offers each semester.