Leader Resources


At Grace, the weekly sermons make up the primary curriculum for the Life Group ministry. Studies have shown that this model increases attentiveness and note taking during the sermons, leads to more Spirit-filled discussions in the groups and allows our growing congregation to remain focused and headed in the same direction. Furthermore, we have adopted a seasonal curriculum that follows the scope and sequence of a Master of Biblical Studies degree program offered by several of the top seminaries. In a given calendar year the sermons will cover the following:

  • Spring – A study through an Epistle
  • Summer – A study to equip for Life Skills & Ministry Skills
  • Fall – A study on a major Epoch of the Bible
  • Winter – A topical study on Systematic Theology

Overall, we believe that the sermon-based Life Group model matched with our seasonal curriculum provides our congregation with the very best environment for applied learning and spiritual maturity in Christ.

Focused Studies

While weekly sermons make up our primary curriculum, there are times when the group will need to cover a focused study to address and improve the health of the group in a more real-time manner than our curriculum might allow. Some examples might be a study on marriage, children, finances, peacemaking, etc. Other times, there are simply great bible studies that a group finds interesting and that will aid in a particular area of spiritual growth that the group feels is vital.

For these times, we have provided the following resources for you as a leader:

  • Rightnow Media Studies – As a leader, you have access to a network of free online bible studies for you and your Life Group. Simply click the RightNow link in the sidebar and browse the selection of studies that are available for immediate viewing at anytime.

RightNow Training

RightNow Training is an online leader development site that will allow for the continued development of our ministry leaders in the comfort of your home or office and at a time that fits within your schedule. Simply click the RightNow link in the sidebar, then sign in to view and enjoy the video training content that will help develop you as a leader in our Life Group ministry and beyond. As new training content is created, you will receive email notifications so you’ll know that new training is available for viewing.

Life Group Resources

This is our One-Stop-Shop for Life Group ministry resources from applications to covenants. If it isn’t here, it may not exist.