Dear Grace,

In light of the COVID-19 virus, I want to remind you of some precautions that we all take during cold and flu season, and also let you know more about what Grace is doing in response. First, we have an opportunity to pray and choose not to live in fear while also taking steps to live wisely. As we have been reading in the Old Testament, when the people of God respond in faith they become the beneficiaries of God’s faithfulness. Our God has the power to intervene in this current crisis. It just takes a few to stand with the Lord and the whole world will be blessed.

Second, let’s all choose to do good toward each other:

  • Wash your hands often and thoroughly for as long as it takes you to sing the chorus of your favorite song. Avoid touching your face as much as possible; easier said than done, right?
  • Cover when you sneeze or cough and avoid shaking hands. We’ll suspend for this season: “greeting each other with a holy kiss.”
  • If you or your children aren’t feeling well, as with any illness, please choose to stay home. If you are going to miss church, you can watch the sermon at; it will be posted by Monday afternoon each week.
  • If you are in a high-risk health group, have preexisting conditions or are elderly, please exercise extra caution to protect your well-being.
  • At Grace, we already take measures to sanitize surfaces, especially in buildings with our children’s ministries, and we will increase those efforts during this season. We have hand sanitizer located around the facility. We’ll continue to take wise measures to protect everyone.

Finally, it is important that we have quick access to communicate with you during the week. We will communicate through Realm, our website, social media and other means to keep you informed. But it is only as effective as you linking into those channels. At the bottom of our homepage at you will find the ways to connect into our communication strategies.

Thank you for joining us in prayer as we live confidently in God’s love and faithfulness.

Ray Anderson
Executive Pastor
Grace Covenant Church