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WBS – Covenant: God’s Enduring Promises

Covenant: God’s Enduring Promises, Kay Arthur

2020 is the Year of the Bible, and as we continue our journey from Genesis through Revelation, let’s explore God’s initiatives with humanity by studying His covenants throughout history. The idea of covenant ― God’s enduring promise ― is key to understanding our relationship to God. Learn about the remarkable ways the old covenant points to the promises of the new covenant and the benefits and responsibilities of covenant. Believing what God says about covenant will transform your life as you learn about His character as the covenant-initiator.

Due to Covid-19, our Fall 2020 semester will begin online Sept. 16 but may be able to meet on campus for in-person meetings for those who want to beginning in October. In the environments where we meet, we will practice extra safety measures and physical distancing.

Zoom links to be sent in September.

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Sep 16 2020 - Nov 18 2020