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WBS – Rethinking Sexuality

God’s Design for Sexuality and Why It Matters – Dr. Juli Slattery

For ALL women. Why did God create us as sexual beings? What is the biblical purpose of our sexuality, whether single or married? These are just two of many questions we’ll discuss this fall. By contesting long-held cultural paradigms, this 8-week study equips you to see how sexuality is rooted in the broader context of God’s covenant love and learn how every sexual issue is ultimately a spiritual issue. Christian women at all life stages are inundated with sexual messages from culture. Sexual abuse, addiction, gender confusion, brokenness, and sexual shame plague today’s world, but there is clarity, hope, and freedom in Christ. Find the biblical truth and understanding to reclaim God’s Design for biblical sexuality.

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Sep 16 2020 - Nov 11 2020


6:30 pm - 8:30 pm