Grace Youth 2017 Winter Retreat Wrap Up

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By Kevin Maurice, Youth Pastor

The 2017 Grace Youth winter retreat – 4:10 to Buckner – was an absolutely incredible weekend! It was our largest retreat in recent history with 150 students and over 25 leaders at Camp Buckner, and we taught on the topic of Christian community and the spiritual gifts that God gives to His people.

“Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.” —1 Peter 4:10

During the weekend, we learned that God has gifted Christians in a variety of ways and that we are called to use our gifts to serve others. Our spiritual gifts are generally expressed in one of four categories: Leading, Serving, Training or Care-Giving. We have a variety of gifts, and they are all vital to the health of our Christian community. A healthy church will have members utilizing their gifting in each of these categories.

Would you want a marching band comprised solely of tubas or a football team made up of nothing but kickers? Tubas create a unique sound, and they’re vital for a marching band. But imagine listening to a marching band try to play a fight song using only the deep tones of the tuba. Wouldn’t the marching band look a little silly with all its members carrying around such a large instrument?

Kickers are important, too. Some of the greatest football games of all time have been decided by a last-second field goal, either triumphantly made or devastatingly missed. But a football team with 22 guys who can kick a ball but without anyone who can throw, block or make a tackle probably won’t have many opportunities to get into field goal range.

Tubas are vital, but you need other instruments to make a healthy band. Kickers are significant, but to have a winning team, you’ll need a variety of other players. The same is true in a church. A church that is composed of ALL leaders without the other gifts, that’s probably not a healthy church. God created us to be in community, and He gifts His people, in a variety of ways, to work and serve together. In other words: Nobody does it alone.

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