Ryan Assunto

Position: Elder

Who is in your family?  I have been married to Allison, my best friend, for 14 years.  We have three children: Blythe (11), Carter (8), and Grace (3).


How long have you attended Grace?  We have attended Grace Covenant since 2017.


What Grace ministries have you been involved with and how are you discipling/mentoring?  I originally began serving at Grace through the Hospitality Ministry, driving golf carts before and after Sunday services.  As I got to know more about the church, I gained tremendous respect for our history of missions, and I was able to participate in a research project to refocus and reenergize our mobilization efforts.  Currently, Allison and I are serving in Grace Kids, and I have the privilege of developing a new teaching curriculum to help cultivate generosity in our Body.


What is your educational background and current job?  I have a Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communication with a Minor in Management from Texas A&M University.  I also hold a Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling from Dallas Theological Seminary.  Occupationally, I have a background in vocational ministry and small business leadership.  I currently serve as President of National Christian Foundation’s Austin affiliate where we help charitably-minded individuals and families develop creative giving strategies.


What is your prayer for Grace Covenant Church?  My prayer for Grace Covenant is that we would love God and love one another in ever-increasing measure.  I pray that our view of God and our view of the world would be informed primarily by Scripture, so that, individually and collectively, with humility and joy, we would allow the Spirit of God to transform our lives.  In short, my prayer is that we would become like Christ in all of life.