Thank you for your generosity!

All donations are tax-deductible, and a year-end summary will be sent to the address you provide when making a gift. All gifts not designated to a specific fund will be placed in Grace’s General Operating Fund. Please also note that any year-end, tax-deductible gifts must be post-marked by December 31, 2019, to be counted on your 2019 taxes.

Ways to Give

Online to Grace through Your Realm Account

Give once or set up a recurring donation for your convenience. You can also designate gifts to the fund of your choice (see descriptions below). All of your personal information is processed on secure servers, which are PCI compliant. Once you register, you will be able to view your contribution statement online.

If you have a Realm account, please sign in at before you click the registration button below for a simpler and smoother registration process.

Online Giving
The Realm Connect App

If you have downloaded the Realm Connect app, simply go to the Giving tab on the bottom of your phone screen and follow the prompts. If you would like to download the Realm Connect app, please visit


Text grace360 and the dollar amount you’d like to contribute to 73256. You will receive a text response with instructions on how to complete your donation.

On Sundays

Part of our worship service is dedicated to giving generously. Give cash or by check on Sundays in the offering during each service or by placing your donation in one of the two offering boxes located inside the doors of the Worship Center building. If you would like to receive offering envelops to use on Sundays, please contact

Grace Office

Mail checks or deliver checks or cash to the Grace office:

9508 Jollyville Road, Suite 200
Austin, Texas 78759-6599

Your Bank

Contact your bank to have them generate and mail a check to Grace on your behalf one time or regularly.

Amazon Smile

Shop Amazon and donate a percent of qualifying purchases to Grace. Simply use, and then search for and select “Grace Covenant Church Of Austin Texas 071595” (make sure that it’s the right Grace Covenant Church and in Austin!) as the charity you are supporting. Grace will automatically receive a check from Amazon.

Alternative Ways to Give
  • Stocks: To make a stock donation, please contact Geneva Grant at or by calling 512.345.7840 for account information.
  • Life Insurance Beneficiary: Contact your insurance company to designate Grace Covenant Church as a beneficiary.
  • Payroll Deduction or Employee Matching: If your employer allows it, you can give by an automatic paycheck deduction. Contact your employer to see if this is possible or if they will match charitable donations.

Designated Giving to Specific Funds

According to IRS regulations, in order to receive a tax deduction for donations to a nonprofit organization, control of those funds must be given to the leadership of the nonprofit. To facilitate your participation in giving, the Elder Board has set up specific funds to which you can direct your donations. The Board seeks to respect your designation and directly use those funds for expenses in that ministry area; however, they reserve the right to redirect funds to wherever they are needed.

  • The General Operating Fund goes toward the expenses related to personnel, facilities and ministry activities. Money not designated to any other fund is placed in the General Operating fund. If there are not sufficient funds in the Global Outreach or Mercy funds the General Operating fund acts as the safety net to cover those on-going expenses.
  • The Building Fund pays for buildings, campus improvements and plans for future campus development.
  • The Global Outreach Fund supports dozens of missionaries and agencies both locally and worldwide.
  • The Mercy Fund allows us to come alongside a hurting family in our church or the poor and needy of our community with short-term aid to help with housing, utilities, medical or food needs. We also address counseling needs for emotional issues.
  • The Disaster Relief Fund is used to meet needs that arise from unexpected disasters in our city, state and country with the love and compassion of Christ.