Courses at Grace exist to glorify God by guiding people to become like Christ in all of life in a classroom setting.

Courses are offered throughout the year at Grace. They take a closer look at one particular topic, such as relationships, church doctrine or Christian theology. Although the majority of the time is spent learning from one main teacher or a team upfront, there is time for small group discussions to help you get to know people at Grace.


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Spring 2024 Courses

Sundays, Jan. 21 – March 24 |  11 a.m.
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Emotionally Healthy Christianity

Taught by Dr. Chris Thurman

Dr. Chris Thurman believes the road to emotional health goes through the life of Jesus Christ. If we want to experience abundant life, we would be wise to make following in Jesus’ psychological footsteps a daily focus of our lives.


Dr. Thurman will be teaching from his new book, “Emotionally Healthy Christianity: Following in the Psychological Footsteps of Christ.” You can purchase his book online here.

Coed Precepts

Coed Precepts class is an inductive Bible study that is discussion-based in a casual setting. Both men and women are welcome to participate. We serve those new to the Scripture and those who have been studying God’s Word for years.

Tuesdays, Jan. 9 – March 12 | 6:30 – 8 p.m.
Grace 360 Building, Room 201

Co-ed Precepts: The Gospel of Mark

The most important question you will ever answer is this: Who do you believe Jesus Christ is? With all the opinions floating around – He’s a good man, a teacher, a prophet, the Son of God – how can you know who is right? Mark’s account of Jesus’ life gives you the answer, and it is more action-packed and fast-paced than the other three Gospel records. Rather than rehearsing what people said about Jesus, Mark shows you what Jesus actually did.

As you learn to carefully observe Mark’s report, you’ll discover that Jesus left no doubt about who He claimed to be. His miracles demonstrated His authority over sickness and infirmity, spiritual darkness, dead religion, threats from nature, and even death itself.