Courses at Grace exist to glorify God by guiding people to become like Christ in all of life in a classroom setting.

Courses are offered throughout the year at Grace. They take a closer look at one particular topic, such as relationships, church doctrine or Christian theology. Although the majority of the time is spent learning from one main teacher or a team upfront, there is time for small group discussions to help you get to know people at Grace.


If you have any questions about courses at Grace, please email


Adult Courses

Summer 2022

Partners in the Gospel: A Study of Philippians

Sundays, June 12 – July 24
11 a.m. – 12:30 p.m., Education Room A

Teachers for this summer course are Becky Brumley and Elders Matt Pennies and Jason Jupe. 


There is no cost to register and walk-ins are welcome. You do not have to have attended previous sessions to drop in on any given Sunday, which makes it a great way to get to know people and enjoy deeper biblical study as your schedule allows this summer. We hope you’ll join us!

Co-Ed Precepts

Summer 2022

Coed Precepts class is an inductive Bible study that is discussion-based in a casual setting. Both men and women are welcome to participate. We attract folks new to the Scripture as well as those who have been studying God’s Word for years.

Money and Possessions: The Quest for Contentment

Tuesdays, 6:30-8 p.m. | June 14 – July 19
Grace360 Building, Room 201

In these days of economic uncertainty, and in a society that values financial security, money is an emotional topic. Appearances and lifestyles matter to us. And money, or the lack of it, often determines whether or not we are content. The truth is, our attitudes toward money and possessions reflect the quality of our relationship with God. And, according to the Scriptures, our view of money reveals where our true affections lie.


Prosperity is not a sin, but it does bring responsibilities. And scarcity is not a virtue, particularly when it distracts us from the things that truly matter. In this six-week study, you will discover God’s view of material wealth.


Our study for the summer is a ‘no homework study’ – so you can just show up! A $10 registration fee includes the cost of materials for the course.