Courses at Grace exist to glorify God by guiding people to become like Christ in all of life in a classroom setting.

Courses are offered throughout the year at Grace. They take a closer look at one particular topic, such as relationships, church doctrine or Christian theology. Although the majority of the time is spent learning from one main teacher or a team upfront, there is time for small group discussions to help you get to know people at Grace.


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Adult Courses

Fall 2022

How are we as believers supposed to engage in politics? What purpose does God have for government and is there any hope for the church in today’s political climate? This course is an opportunity to learn what the bible says about government’s purpose, what biblical leadership in government looks like and how we as believers can and should engage in politics. We will examine scripture from Genesis through Revelation to see God’s view of government, its redemption in Jesus’ first coming and the roles His followers have had and still have in being change agents for His Kingdom. 

Co-Ed Precepts

Coed Precepts class is an inductive Bible study that is discussion-based in a casual setting. Both men and women are welcome to participate. We serve those who new to the Scripture as well as those who have been studying God’s Word for years.
Look for new courses for Spring 2023 to be announced late fall 2022.

Kings and Prophets, Part Two: God Searches for a Heart Fully His

Tuesdays, 6:30-8 p.m. | Oct. 25 – Nov. 22
Grace360 Building, Room 201

Neither Solomon, his son Rehoboam, nor his son Abijam followed God fully, nor did Jeroboam in Israel. Their hearts were divided. Would God ever find anyone to serve Him like David? Would He ever find one whose heart was fully His? God says that we are to love Him with all of our hearts. Is that really possible? This course has the answer.


Join us as we explore Scripture together in this 9-week course.