1st & 3rd Wednesdays • 12-1 p.m.

Are you, or will you soon be, a primary caregiver of an aging or ill family member? The CareGivers ministry strives to remove the confusion, fear, and anxiety of caring for your loved one. Join our discussion group and find support and encouragement from others in similar roles. You don’t have to walk this road alone.


We know, as a caregiver, it is difficult to schedule time away from your loved one (especially working full-time). Please join us for all of the discussion or participate only when you can. No registration is required.


For more information about the CareGivers ministry, email us at gracecares@grace360.org.

Spring 2024 Guest Speakers and Special Events
  • Wednesday, April 17 – Michele Hake, a licensed clinical social worker and Grace member, will share on the Art of Caregiving, discussing topics like acknowledging changing roles and perspectives; healthy boundaries and helpful habits for brain health; stages of dementia; coping with difficult emotions and relationships; being mindful of your spiritual needs; and spiritual resources to care for yourself. No registration is necessary! All are welcome.

The CareGivers Experience:

“Game changer. Lifesaver. Safe place with no judgment and LOTS of encouragement. A place where I feel like I can be myself and there aren’t comparisons, just heaps of compassion and empathy. SO thankful to Grace Covenant that such a group like CareGivers exists!”


“CareGivers provides information, encouragement, and prayer so you don’t have to walk your journey alone. The group shares their knowledge of what works and what doesn’t.”


“Caregiving for my aging parents over a long period was starting to feel like an overwhelming burden. When I finally went to a CareGivers meeting, it was a relief to just share my emotions. The group reassured me and made me feel good…that it was okay that I was feeling burdened. It was good to share others’ stories and share our grief.”


“This group includes all levels of caregiving, from caring for independent loved ones long-distance to caring for those nearby in long-term care. There’s no one way to care.”