Mission Trip to Colombia

June 24 – July 2

This trip costs $1500 for adult participants and $1000 for youth.

Registration Deadline: April 23

Colombia Trip Interest Meeting

Sunday, April 2 | 12:30 p.m. | Grace 360, Room 101

Colombia is a country that has long been plagued by extreme inequality and violence. The results of this are reflected in the communities we work in, which are characterized by vulnerability, internal displacement, gangs, sexual and domestic violence and exploitation, drug abuse and addiction, limited access to basic health services, and a mindset of brokenness and hopelessness.


What are we doing to help? With our partners Conviventia, our development strategy focuses on four program areas: Education, Family and Leadership, Income Generation,and Humanitarian Aid.


These four areas work interdependently to break the cycle of poverty and heal these communities through holistic development that brings hope, dignity and self-empowerment back to individuals and their families; resulting in community-wide sustainable transformation by using Christian values and principles to first change the perception of the self to one of worthiness.


Short-term Trips: We are working together with Conviventia to organize a mission team from Grace to go to Colombia through our Work Teams Initiative. We know every individual at Grace holds immense, unique value and deeply appreciate every person who decides to go to beautiful Colombia and work as part of the team, using their talents in either evangelism, medicine/health, construction, education, music, leadership, and beyond to bless the Conviventia staff and our communities, and also to experience revival themselves.


Our summer team is accepting families with kids and individuals with various skills.