Mission Trip to the U.S./Mexico Border
April 20 – 23, 2023

As migrants are seeking refuge at our southern border, there is a unique opportunity to engage people with the gospel, disciple them, and equip them as missionaries wherever they go. Thousands of people are trying to escape brokenness, famine, natural disasters or pressure from cartels. They have left their homeland, are depleted of resources and desperate, and don’t know what to do next.


Local churches and missionaries are finding that when you offer to pray for these people, they want it. They are eager to hear the message of the gospel clearly in a way they can respond. Migrant families in crisis receive Christ and are even baptized within hours.


In partnership with e3 Partners and local churches, we are committed to raising up catalytic teams on both sides of the border to serve people who are entering the migrant camps, engaging them with the gospel, discipling them and equipping them as missionaries wherever they land.

On this four-day trip, the team will travel together to McAllen, Texas where we will stay at a retreat center just 30 minutes from the southern border. There, our partner organizations, who are routinely entering the migrant camp and ministering to the people, will lead our team and help us seek opportunities to pray and minister to people with the help of local translation.