Walk-ins are welcome at any time.

Mondays • 7-8:30 p.m. • Live Oak Building, The Loft

re|engage provides a hope-filled environment for husbands and wives to reconnect, reignite and even resurrect their marriages. It is a time to deepen or repair your relationship with your spouse while growing in your relationship with God. Whether your marriage is thriving or in the midst of a difficult season, join us for an experience that will include small group time, biblical teaching and testimonies from couples who have experienced growth and transformation in their marriages.


Couples who have participated in re|engage have called it an opportunity to:

  • enjoy a date night with your spouse
  • take your marriage from good to great
  • invest in and strengthen your marriage
  • grow in your relationship with God and your spouse

What you need to know:

  • We promote and launch groups every January, May and August. Additionally, walk-ins are welcome at any time, and we launch groups throughout the year once we have enough participant couples who are ready to join a group.
  • There is no registration required. Attendees of Grace, as well as those who do not attend church here, are all welcome to join as a walk-in at any time.
  • We offer childcare for children who are at least 6 weeks old and up through age 11.
  • We take time each week in “large group” settings, where we learn all together from a married couple or teacher. Then, couples break into small groups – some of which are assembled based on when a couple starts attending – for more intimate learning and conversation with the help of a mentor couple.

For more information about re|engage, read through our Frequently Asked QuestionsYou may also email our Marriage Ministry at marriageministry@grace360.org for more information.

Holiday Note

Re|engage will not meet on the following Mondays:

March 11
May 27

July 1

re|engage Testimonies

Before re|engage, we didn’t know what it meant to extend grace to each other.  Through re|engage, we learned to extend grace by overlooking minor offenses that would have caused an argument in the past.  We understand that because Christ has forgiven us, he wants us to have a forgiving heart toward each other. 

Former re|engage Participants

God uses marriage in so many ways to teach us, test us, bless us and even break us.
re|engage helped us see our marriage in the larger story of what God is doing in our lives. Past struggles and difficulties are redeemed and even celebrated when we see how God has carried us.

re|engage Mentor Couple and Former Participants

It was an eye-opening experience to learn how our family of origin played an integral role in how we related to each other. re|engage gave us a godly perspective on how to embrace the good in our differences and extend each other grace in our weaknesses.

re|engage Mentor Couple and Former Participants

When we first joined re|engage we felt very raw. We had a two-year-old and a seven-month-old, who were very ill and in and out of the hospital with ER trips and a hospital stay, and we fought often. God worked on our hearts every day to let us know that he was in control. [Our re|engage leaders] were great examples for us and what we can work to become in our marriage.
We are doing great now and are even expecting our third baby! Ultimately, this is due to God. We could not have done this without God and his everlasting love. Thank you again, re|engage!
Former re|engage Participants